Artificial Intelligence for your
Facebook Ad Operations

Simply automate, optimize and scale your Facebook and Instagram
campaigns with just a few clicks!

What’s the benefit


Built for Facebook & Instagram marketers


Automate time consuming ad management tasks


Consequently optimize towards max ROI


Scale your campaigns when ever possible


Customized Reports

How does it work?


Connect to

Connect your Facebook Ad account with in just a few minutes. Our team will then activate your account and contact you, in case you would like to have a quick tour around. Then you are ready to take off.


Get Started

We will guide you through all necessary optimizations within your current campaign settings, ensuring that all future automations & optimizations can live up to their full potential.

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Secure API connection

Optimize & Scale

Simply choose a goal for which your ad account, selected groups or individual campaigns should be optimized. Your campaign management is from there on fully automated and the AI will take care of all future optimizations.



Get advanced insights into the results of your campaigns delivered through the optimization tools. Create fully-automated performance reports, configurate KPI dashboards and receive automated reports per email.

2-factor authentication

“ is like an affaire with your biggest crush, just less complicated“

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Who uses

The platform is build for firms with every account structure and ad spent! Therefore any start-up or enterprise is able to optimize and automate their Facebook ads on It does not matter if you are a start-up handling a single ad account or an enterprise with a couple of hundred accounts.

  • 24/7 optimized Facebook & Instagram campaigns
  • Optimal cost/result ratio
  • No wasted ad spent in ineffective ads
  • No base fee
  • Campaign automation at scale
  • Optimize hundreds of ads simultaneously
  • Advanced performance reports
  • Transparent commission on ad spent
  • Manage, optimize and grow unlimited client ad accounts
  • Offer advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising to your customers at scale
  • Transparent commission on ad spent