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Automate, optimize and manage your Facebook
and Instagram ad accounts and scale hundreds
of campaigns simultaneously.

  • Intuitive platform made for online marketers
  • For every ad account and ad spent
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Automate your entire Facebook campaign management, saving valuable time and resources.



Optimize your campaigns through Artificial Intelligence to maximize your ROI.



Scale your campaigns to make use of every upside potential. Never miss out on conversions again!

Smart Facebook & Instagram ads through Artificial Intelligence

This is no simple rule based automation! Our platform is equipped with Artificial Intelligence, and its only quest is to maximize your advertising ROI. The Artificial Intelligence predicts specific scenarios and reacts autonomously, before you could even identify a need to.

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Marketers love Outp3rform.ai
Benefitting from automated campaign management and intelligent optimizations!

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Tools to help you manage, optimize and automate
Facebook & Instagram ads

Smart Budget Allocation

Smart budget allocation automatically shifts your budgets within groups or campaigns, based on their expected performance, allowing you to maximize your conversion rate for any given budget.


Budget BOOST

Whenever possible, the algorithm will automatically boost your budgets in order to realize maximum scaling potential. Define an explicit scaling magnitude or let the algorithm decide by how much to increase your budgets.


Bid Optimization

Artificial Intelligence will autonomously place your bids, securing the greatest amount of results at the lowest possible price to drive down your CPAs while consequently increasing your ROI!


Automatic ad rotation

Ad Rotation ensures that your campaigns will deliver a stable performance. This is enabled by spreading your campaign budget among duplicated ad sets, thereby combating ad fatigue.


Build for Enterprises, Agencies,
SME’s & Start-ups

Our solutions are designed to suit every Facebook account manager with any budget and ad spent. Outp3rform.ai’s bespoke technology is built to handle hundreds of campaigns simultaneously, or just a few. You choose!

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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Sören Johannes Fassmer

Head of Data Science

We Artificial Intelligence to efficiently optimize and automate Facebook marketing. Within days, the algorithms generate statistical sufficient data to undergo an advanced optimization process by themselves.

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